The Work of God is Done by Giving - October 2017

The work of God is to be done by the people of God giving according to the will of God. (Sutherland & Nowery, The 33 Laws of Stewardship.)

This is as good a definition of Stewardship as there is. Whenever there is something to be done in the Kingdom of God, the followers of God are the ones who are called to do it. This may be leading prayers, meeting in small groups, working in the community garden, balancing the church’s books, inviting our neighbors to worship, visiting shut-ins, or serving the poor.

We do much of this work of God through or supported by our local churches. Worship is the most visible, perhaps, but many other activities are equally important, such as spiritual formation, congregational care, hospitality and outreach, or missions. Moreover, the local churches support the works of the conference and denomination, as well. In Wisconsin, this includes ministries like congregational revitalization and new church starts, or health and welfare ministries and, elsewhere, ministries such as Africa University.

Without the people of God giving according to the will of God, none of these things would be happening.

Sometime in the coming year, and for most of us, this fall, we will be called upon as God’s people to give generously to support financially God’s work in our local churches and beyond. This is a recurring call to discipleship that we all share through our connection in the Wisconsin Conference of the United Methodist Church.

Jim Wells, Wisconsin United Methodist Foundation

Sue Koch