Family & Children's Ministries

Our next rotation begins on Sunday, January 7th, 2018. We will be learning about Zacchaeus! Our Preschoolers through 6th graders will explore the story of Zacchaeus through science, art, LEGO building and music & games. Children should come downstairs after the Children’s Time during the 9AM worship service. Our next family worship service will be on Sunday, February 11th during the 9AM service.

Sunday School Offering for January & February: Sunday School children are encouraged to bring in a small offering each week during our next rotation where they will learn about a man called Zacchaeus who was a tax collector. They will learn that God wants everyone to be part of God’s family and to care for others. As a group, the children will decide between 3 options: the Oregon Area Food Pantry, Habitat for Humanity or Imagine No Malaria.

High School Shepherd needed for 2nd & 3rd grade class: If your High School student is interested in serving in Children’s Ministry during Sunday School (and earning service hours for school), please let Emily Shook know. As a shepherd, the high school student is responsible for taking attendance, handing out nametags and helping the workshop leader. This could also be a position that 2 students share if one person cannot be here every week.


Sue Koch