Save the Date - Super Sunday Leadership Training

We will be having our 5th annual Super Sunday Leadership Training on February 5th.  The afternoon will begin with some training in basic leadership principles.  Then, committees, teams, and attendees will have an opportunity to set goals for the up-coming year.   Finally, all committee and team members will be given FAQ materials, such as: how to be reimbursed for church expenses, how to get information in the bulletin and newsletter, how to obtain access to the church, etc.  Lunch will be provided for everyone in attendance.

People who should come are:

  • Those interested in being in leadership in the church.
  • Those interested in growing in their leadership potential professionally, personally, and in the church.
  • Those who want to be a part of the conversation of where our church is headed in the next year.
  • Committee and team chairpersons.
  • Committee and team members.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Pastor Jason at or 608-835-3755.


Sue Koch