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Staff Listings, Office hours, and Other Contact Information

Office Hours:            Monday - Thursday             9:00am - 3:00pm

Church Phone: 608-835-3755                              Parsonage: 608-291-0825

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Pastor                                                                  Jason Mahnke, x22,

Parish Nurse                                                        Susan Payne, x24,

Office Manager                                                   Sue Koch, x21,

Family & Children’s Ministries Director              Emily Shook, x25,

Little Angels Early Learning Center Director  Katie Grady, x26,

Christian Living & Outreach Director & Treasurer   Kathy Smith, x30,

Discipleship Director                                          Kate Sweet, x33,

Office Assistant &Worship Secretary         Meghan Lisowski, ext. 25

Worship Arts & Music Director                          Chuck Philyaw, x23,

Bell Choir Director                                             Tricia Suess,

Building Maintenance                                  Matt & Tracy Sundell,


Committee Chairs:

Church Council Chair                                          Laurie Kelly

Board of Trustees Chair                                      Steve Staton

Staff Parish Relations Committee Chair             Anne Staton

Worship Committee Chairs                                 Duane Draper & Robin Talley

Finance Committee Chair                                    Ron Schroeder

Memorials Committee Chairs                              Peg Schmidt & Joan Zuhse

Connections Team Chair                                     Anne Staton

Adult Discipleship Team Chair                            Pam McIntyre

Living Our Faith Missions Chair                           

Family & Children’s Team Chair                           Daniel Jones

Prayer Ministry Chair                                            Barbara Mahr

Sue Koch