From the Parish Nurse

Dear Friends and Family,

By the time this LINK arrives in your mailbox, we will be certain that spring is springing. Even the redwing blackbirds, who fly back to Wisconsin later than the robins, have been singing in the Prayer Garden here at church for quite a while. Spring gives us such pleasure as we see everything coming back to life, and it is a reminder of the new life that we have through Christ’s resurrection which we will celebrate this month.

Also on our minds as spring returns is getting out and becoming more active. Activity is good for our cardiovascular system, brain, energy level, sleep, emotional health and so much more. Fresh air activity may include walking, participating in sport events, and catching up on home improvements or maintenance projects.

I encourage you to consider the following suggestions before undertaking or resuming an increased level of physical activity:

  • Check in first: Always remember to consult your doctor before embarking on a new exercise plan.
  • Don’t jump right in: Warm up and stretch the muscles before beginning activity.
  • Be realistic: Set a moderate pace and time schedule to minimize potential injury.
  • Remember good body mechanics: If lifting heavy bags of dirt/mulch, keep your back straight, bend your knees, lift with the legs, and hold heavy items close to the body. If shoveling, turn the entire body to empty the shovel – don’t twist.
  • Gardeners, use a cushion, stool or small bench when weeding: The support helps reduce stress placed on knees and spine from gardening movements.
  • Take frequent breaks: By stopping to stretch, getting a drink or just enjoying the progress every half hour, you minimize your chance of injury or dehydration. Carry a water bottle when you walk.
  • Stop exercise/activity if fatigued or in pain: If pain occurs, listen to your body! If pain persists, apply ice to the affected area for 15-20 minutes at a time to reduce inflammation. DO NOT USE HEAT – it increases inflammation. Contact the doctor if pain does not resolve.                                               (source:

With Resurrection blessings,

Susan Payne, People’s Church Parish Nurse


Sue Koch