They say, “April showers bring May flowers.” The promise of May flowers invites us to consider taking our spiritual growth outdoors and try out some new prayer practices. Did you know that People’s church has a lovely way to enjoy the flowers of spring? On the side of our church building is a garden cultivated by church members and friends. Meander down the path and take a quiet moment or two by the pond, listening for the voice of the Spirit whispering in the rustle of the leaves. Or, consider taking a walk around the Prayer Labyrinth.

A Labyrinth is a wonderful way to try praying with your whole body. For centuries, and in many different cultures, people have used the labyrinth as a tool for self-discovery and connection with the Divine. Sometimes people come to a labyrinth with a particular question or concern on their heart. Sometimes you come simply to receive whatever the Spirit has in store. While there are many ways to walk a labyrinth, here is one suggestion:

1. Enter: As you begin, take a moment to offer a prayer of intention for your time to God. Invite Jesus to walk alongside you on your journey.

2. Release: As you walk along the path, try to release any thoughts or burdens to God. Slowly allow your mind to relax. If concerns or worries pop up, acknowledge them gently and then allow them to drift away.

3. Receive: When you reach the center of the labyrinth, take a moment to pause and open yourself up to God. Sometimes a word, phrase, idea, or image will come to you through this process. Allow yourself to receive what God has to offer.

4. Connect: As you begin your journey out of the labyrinth, ponder any new feeling, thought, experience, or image that has been given to you. Begin to wonder how this gift might connect to your life or experience. As you exit the labyrinth, take a moment to pause again and offer your thanks to God.

I hope you will take a moment this spring to enjoy the prayerful gifts that our gardens and labyrinth have to offer you. May Christ meet you in the stillness and quiet of your heart.

Sue Koch