From the Parish Nurse

Dear Friends and Family,

May is a month filled with wonders! All we have to do is look around us to find the most beautiful display of new growth on trees and bushes and those eye-catching colorful gardens and yards. These feasts for our eyes are one proof of God’s goodness and creative power and we are exceedingly blessed each spring.

This leads us on to my next thought…most plants are to be feasted on with our eyes, but not to be eaten. There can be very real dangers if our toddlers or little ones ingest house or outdoor plants. For example, azaleas, daffodils, deadly nightshade and privet berries (which may be especially enticing as they look like edible berries to an imaginative child) and rhubarb leaves are just a few of the plants we want to be certain that our children do not put in their mouths. More information on this subject of Poisonous Plants is posted on the bulletin board near the office door, so please feel free to take a copy.

A second wonder of May is all those Mother–figures in our lives – mothers, grandmother, god-mothers, surrogate mothers and mentor mothers. Let us all be gracious in giving thanks to them and for them this month. And maybe put a note on next month’s calendar to do the same for our Father-figures!

In awe and wonder,

Susan Payne, People’s Parish Nurse

Sue Koch