Parish Nurse

Dear Friends and Family,

As I think back to my first months here at People’s Church in 2000, I remember being astounded as I learned about the number of ways members of this congregation have been deeply embedded in service and ministry to the community. Your history of community involvement included Prison Ministry, ParentShare (parenting education and support), Senior Housing and so much more.

The first week in June is recognized as International Volunteer’s Week and I would like to shine a light on the many ways People’s Church currently reaches out to the world – near and far – as Sisters and Brothers in Christ.

Just a few of the numerous ways that this congregation serves locally include:

  • Being part of the Care Team Ministry and developing helpful and rewarding relationships with some of our members
  • Providing for the Food Pantry
  • Preparing and serving funeral meals here at church to grieving families
  • Hosting the First Monday Gatherings for our senior population
  • Helping with Habitat Homes
  • Making Prayer Shawls for those who have surgery or are receiving cancer treatments
  • Serving at Three Gaits to assist with horseback riding for individuals needing assistance

Why do we reach out and volunteer? For many reasons, including to:

  • Offer tangible help to others in need
  • Share our love for Jesus
  • Experience personal satisfaction that we are able to make a difference
  • Feel more connected to other people

As the future unfolds, I am confident that you good people of People’s Church will be volunteering in amazing ways for generations to come, for you have all been Blessed to be a blessing! You are the hands and feet of Christ.


Susan Payne, People’s Parish Nurse

Sue Koch