From the Parish Nurse

Dear Friends and Family,

I have one final story to share with you. Because of the timing that was involved, I believe it represents the unexplainable mystery that we see with the eyes of our spirit. On one particular day in March I composed a letter to all of you dear people telling of my intention to retire as parish nurse here at People’s Church.

At the end of that day, I noticed that the March-April edition of Alive Now had been placed in the devotional basket near the office door. It was the final edition of Alive Now, which I have always found to be a nourishing resource, so I picked up a copy.

The publication flipped open to a poem-prayer written by Beth Richardson, the long-time editor of Alive Now. To me this poem reflects our times of transition as I leave People’s Church and as you experience changes while the church moves forward in its mission as disciples of Jesus.

Bless This Journey

Beth A. Richardson


We stand at the threshold and look behind us

At all that we have done,

At all that we have loved,

At all the is familiar,

And our hearts fill with grief,

With sadness,

With gratitude.


We stand at the threshold and look before us

At the future we can and cannot see,

At the beginnings we can and cannot imagine,

At the possibilities we can and cannot know,

And our hearts fill with fear,

With trust,

With hope.


Bless our grief and our gratitude,

Our sadness and our trust,

Our fear and our hope.


Bless this journey,

God of past and future.

Guide our steps,

Walking beside us,

Before us, within us

As we step across this threshold. (Amen.)

It is my hope that this prayer-poem will speak to you as we continue in the mystery of life. I thank you for so many blessings these past 17 years, including opportunities to work together in numerous and varied ministries. I feel especially honored and privileged to have shared in your personal journeys of body-mind-and-spirit. And I am mindful of your support of me through the years, as well. You all hold special places in my heart.

Blessings, as always,

Susan Payne, People’s Parish Nurse

Sue Koch