Reflecting on Current Events


Friends in Christ,

In recent days, it has seemed like the news is never good. White supremacist groups in Charlottesville, war rhetoric tossed back and forth with North Korea, ongoing debate over climate change and how to manage it, just to name a few headlines… our communal dis-ease is rising as divisions and hateful realities come to light.

As people of faith, what do we have to say about all of this? In a world of “bad news,” what is the message of Good News for us today, and what can we do about it?

If you’re wrestling with these questions like I am, please consider coming to worship this Sunday, August 27, as we dive deep into how our Christian faith speaks into our current reality. As we near the end of our current sermon series, The Story, we will consider how Jesus’ death (what seemed to be truly bad news) reveals God’s ultimate embrace of our hurting world. And our God continues to embrace us, even now. This is a message we all need to hear, over and over again.

So please, come. I hope to see you here.

Grace and peace,

Kate Sweet

Pastor of Spiritual Care and Development
Kate Sweet