Breakthrough Prayer

Connecting with God and Each Other. Breakthrough Prayer every day at 8:35 am & pm

The Breakthrough Prayer Initiative at People’s Church has begun.  As a congregation we are praying our ’breakthrough’ prayer together, each morning and evening at 8:35 am and pm, reflecting the prefix of most Oregon phone numbers (of course, if a different time works better for you to pray, feel free to pray it at any time).  Cards with the prayer are available, either from the Church Office or from an usher during worship. If you would like to a text reminder sent to your phone with the prayer - text “breakthrough” to 84576.

What is breakthrough prayer?  Breakthrough prayer is asking God to do new things, beyond our imagining, bigger than we could possibly do on our own - without boundaries, without limits, without anticipated outcomes in our church, community, and lives.

AND - we want to hear what breakthroughs God is bringing to your mind. What dreams for our church come to your mind when you’re praying? What is God inviting us to do as a church? You can share your breakthroughs with Pastors Jason or Kate, who’d love to hear them or by filling out a Breakthrough Prayer slip and placing it in the offering on Sunday or hanging it on our prayer clothesline.

Our Breakthrough Prayer is:

God of love and power, fill us with your grace and mercy.
Open doors, bring down walls.
Lead us into a new season of faithfulness and fruitfulness, and give us the courage to follow. Amen

Sue Koch