Servant Leadership Board

On September 25th, the Church Council approved the new church administrative structure, the Servant Leadership Board.  Our administrative committees (Finance, Lay Leadership, Staff Parish Relations Committee, Stewardship, Trustees, and Church Council) are now combined into a single Board.  The Servant Leadership Board assumes the policy and governance responsibilities of these committees.  All other ministry teams are unaffected by this new structure.

The strengths of the Servant Leadership Board are that it will:  streamline our administrative process, allowing us to be more effective and efficient in decision making; frees volunteers who would otherwise be serving on committees to be a part of a hands-on congregational ministry in the church or community; administration will be steeped in spiritual growth, with half of each meeting focused on spiritual and leadership growth and prayer; the Board will keep a laser like focus on the church’s mission and goals, ensuring that they are the driving force for ministry and decisions; and promotes administrative and ministry unity at a high level of efficient, cooperative decision making.


Sue Koch