Christian Living & Outreach

Red Cross Blood Drive

People’s Church will be hosting an American Red Cross blood drive on Thursday, June 7th, from 2:00-6:00 pm. You can sign up to give blood at and search by zip code. We are still in need of four volunteers to help with donor assistance and registration. Please contact Kathy Smith ASAP at . We are also looking for donations of baked goods for the donors. Thank you for helping with this ministry! Youth age 14 and older may volunteer with a parent present.

Mission of the Month – The Healing House

As an interfaith organization, Madison Area Urban Ministry is responding to the call across faith traditions to care for the sick. The Healing House is a place a homeless child or family member can go to heal after surgery.

Imagine you have just delivered a baby and your family is homeless. You are on the street with your newborn and other children for 10 hours a day. You have no safe place for your newborn to sleep. Imagine you are experiencing a high-risk pregnancy and you are homeless. The doctor has ordered bed rest. You have no place to stay that will accommodate your family and allow you get the prescribed bed rest to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your unborn child. Imagine your 7-year-old needs brain surgery that had to be postponed because you have no place for her to recuperate after surgery. Her tumor has grown 4 cm during this wait and surgery is now mandatory. Once released from the hospital, you will struggle to find a place at the shelter, or you and your daughter will have to live in your car.

These are recent true stories from our community because there are no recuperative care facilities for homeless families in Dane County. There is no safe place for them to go when a member of the family needs to prepare for a medical procedure, or to recuperate after childbirth or hospitalization. Currently, when someone is discharged from the hospital and requires follow-up recuperative care, such care is delivered by home health providers arranged for through the discharging hospital. However, if you have no home, you cannot receive these services. Healing House will be that home, so home health providers will provide follow-up care to individuals as they recuperate at the Healing House.

Sue Koch