Family & Children's Ministries

Cinema Summer Sunday School & LEGO Sundays for children Pre-K – 4th Grade!! Coming soon to a Sunday School near you!! Sunday School will resume on June 3rd and be offered through the summer.

In June & July, the children will enjoy popcorn and short clips of fun movies that help introduce a Bible story and then participate in activities and discussion that reinforce the clip’s message and gets them talking, laughing and thinking together! LEGO Sundays will return in August!! During this time, the children will hear a Bible story out of the Spark Bible and then make LEGO creations relating to the story. If you are interested in being a leader or assistant one Sunday during the summer, please contact Emily Shook, Director of Family & Children’s Ministries, or use this link

The Adventures of Flat Jesus: “Flat Jesus” was created based on a children’s book called Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown. In the book, a boy named Stanley becomes flattened and is able to be mailed to different places, having all kinds of exciting adventures. We see the “Flat Jesus” project as a way to keep our church family connected as we enter into the summer traveling season. Pick up “Flat Jesus” starting on Sunday, June 3rd in the Gathering Area. Color “Flat Jesus” and take him with you as you travel or to whatever you do this summer. (**If your child was in Sunday School on May 20th, they have already colored Flat Jesus and I am laminating them. I will return them to your child on June 3rd **) Take a picture of him doing lots of different things: going out to dinner, having fun at the beach or the lake, hanging out with friends or cousins or whatever you are doing. It will be an amazing adventure! It is a great way to remember that Jesus is always with us, wherever we go. And it just might start up a conversation with someone about what you are doing and why. What do you do with your pictures of Jesus? Email your pictures to and use the hashtag #peopleschurchoregon when you post to Twitter or Instagram.

It will be so exciting to see where our PUMC family goes and what they do this summer! And remember, Jesus is with you ALWAYS!

Have you ever considered serving in Children's Ministry but didn't think you had the time to commit to teaching every week? Rotational Sunday School may be what you're looking for! As a workshop leader, you choose the activities in an area that you are interested in (art, music, cooking, games, science or drama). Then, you teach the same lesson 3 times to 3 different groups. If you are interested in learning more about leading a workshop, please contact Emily Shook, Director of Family & Children's Ministries,

Sue Koch