More News from Our Youth Mission Trip in Toronto

Wednesday, the 25th was undoubtedly a whirlwind. From waking up early around 7 am (we're teenagers we can call that early) to many directional mishaps, we were always on our toes. Half of our group served at St. Francis' Table, a certifiably unique restaurant. Patrons pay $1 for a full meal, their choice of coffee or tea, and a pastry dessert. Instead of a standard soup kitchen line, they receive the benefits of a full table service experience. This ministry is aimed at the homeless and low income families of Toronto, and costs a dollar per meal to remove the air of charity found at many soup kitchens. The patrons are served in a dignified manner, something truly special about this wonderful ministry. Our nightly activity was a group trip to downtown Toronto. We bought our tourist merchandise and enjoyed the city atmosphere. It was a wonderful day.

People's Youth

Sue Koch