Capital Improvements & Repairs Update

Thanks to the many generous donations to our Maintenance Savings Account, we’ve been able to care for a number of maintenance needs around our church over the past several months.  These projects include:

  • Installation of automatic doors for our upstairs bathrooms.
  • Replacement of two furnaces.
  • Replacement of one air conditioner.
  • Replacement of two air conditioner blowers.
  • Replacement of our three projectors in the Great Room.
  • Replacement of parking lot and exterior lights with LED lights (a number of the old lights were burnt out; replacement LED lights should last over two decades and use a fraction of the energy).

These maintenance projects have cost approximately $36,000.  The cost of the putting on the Capital Campaign, including hiring the Wisconsin United Methodist Foundation for their work with us, was approximately $26,000.  That makes our total expenditures about $62,000 from donations to our Maintenance Savings Account.  The total pledged to the Maintenance Savings Account through last fall’s capital campaign was $320,000.

In addition, over the next few weeks, the Church Council has approved an expenditure of no more than $50,000 for parking lot repair.  The lower parking lot and drive way on the East side of the church will be replaced.  The whole parking lot will be restriped and a new drainage system will be put underneath a portion of the upper parking lot by the visitor parking.  That drainage system will tie into the drainage that was put in to support the food pantry parking lot.

Thank you again for your generous donations.  Your support helps us continue to care for our church building and grounds, making it a welcoming and warm place for people to come and experience the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

Sue Koch