Sister Church in Russia

People’s Joins in a Sister Church Relationship with a Church in St. Petersburg, Russia:

This past May, pastor Jason traveled with Bishop Jung, our District Superintendent Scott Carlson, and two other pastors to St. Petersburg, Russia to explore beginning a sister relationship with the United Methodist Churches there.  After a fruitful trip, the Bishop invited People’s Church to enter into a sister relationship with a new church that has just been planted in St. Petersburg (it’s so new it doesn’t even have a name yet).

This church was planted by Pastor Hyo-Won Park who came to preach at our church on June 24.  Pastor Park is originally from South Korea.  He served as a Pastor in the United Methodist Church in Wisconsin and is currently serving as a missionary in Russia on our behalf.  Pastor Park has been reaching out to Russians who are ancestrally from South Korea, but have been Russian for generations.  Most of the people in his church are enthusiastic, new Christians.

Our hope is that we will find ways to develop relationships with the people in this new church in St. Petersburg, first and foremost by lifting one another up in prayer.  Other opportunities may include sending video messages between our congregations, developing e-mail and pen-pal relationships between individuals from each church, and having a delegation from our congregation travel to St. Petersburg to meet our Russian sisters and brothers.

In this time of bitter political rhetoric between many of our national and world leaders, we hope our relationship will serve as an example of how we are united with one another through the love of Jesus Christ, no matter where our citizenship may lie.

To see videos or pictures of our brothers and sisters in St. Petersburg or to watch Pastor Park’s message at People’s Church from June 24, visit: 

Sue Koch