Spiritual Care & Development

Growth Groups: Our Fall season of Growth Groups begins the week of September 16th and runs for eight weeks concluding the week of November 4th. As usual, we will have a wide selection of offerings from sermon series reflection groups, Bible study, or book study groups.

Why join a Growth Group? Because no one is meant to do faith on their own. While personal retreat and private spiritual experiences are great, we believe that people were created by a relational God to be in loving relationships with one another. We grow best in relationship!

Growth Groups also create a context where we can learn from one another. We grow in our faith as we see others living out their faith, too. Each of us brings a unique perspective and experience from our own life. God uses these differences to show us more about living in the way of Jesus. Growth Groups are a safe environment to ask questions, share, and explore your faith. We grow best when we’re able to develop deep relationships and reflect on our lives together.

Finally, Growth Groups offer a way to experience the love and grace of God in our lives. We all go through difficult times. One of the ways that God cares for us is through the care of other people. A Growth Group is one very important way to get to know others here at People’s and be known on a deeper level so that we can support one another.

If you’d like to learn more, meet Growth Group facilitators, and sign up for a group, there will be a Growth Group fair between services on September 9th and 16th. There will also be online sign-ups for Growth Groups coming soon as well, so stay tuned! If you have questions about Growth Groups, please talk with Pastor Kate, ksweet@peoplesumc.org.

First Monday: Our First Monday gatherings begin again in September! We will meet on the SECOND Monday, September 10, due to the Labor Day holiday. Our program will be Our program will be “Reminiscences of a Farm Girl,” with storyteller Emily Harris. You might know Emily best from her service during Wednesday Night Suppers. Come to hear heartwarming and humorous stories from a bygone time.

First Monday is a gathering of folks aged 50+ who meet for fellowship and fun on the first Monday of each month, 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. We meet in the Great Room at PUMC for a potluck lunch followed by the program. Bring a friend and a dish to pass. If you have questions about First Monday, please contact Pastor Kate, ksweet@peoplesumc.org

Redeeming Food & Body EventPastor Kate is part of the teaching team for an upcoming event called Redeeming Food & Body, held on Nov. 3 at Faith Church in Manitowoc, WI. She is excited to bring this event to Wisconsin after having developed and led the program with her colleagues in Seattle for several years!

Redeeming Food & Body is an event created to respond to a confusing and painful culture. This culture demands that we conform to impossible body standards by following a maze of conflicting rules about the food we eat. The result is a war against our bodies.

By addressing the overlapping perspectives of nutrition, therapy, and theology, we create a learning environment steeped in kindness and determined to pursue genuine, sustainable health and wholeness. Participants will enter their own stories around food and body through teaching, discussion, & a wonderful shared meal.

If you would like more information, or to register, please visit the website: www.redeemingfoodandbody.com.

Hope and Healing: In every month with a fifth Sunday, we offer a time for Hope and Healing in the Fireside room following Sunday services. The next one will be on Sunday, September 30th. This is a time when we can pray for one another, and experience God’s love and healing presence together. If you or a loved one are dealing with illness, experiencing loss or grief, or going through a hard time, please consider stopping by. If you have questions, please talk to Pastor Kate, ksweet@peoplesumc.org.


Sue Koch