Every week our services feature a message that is meant to help inspire, challenge, and help us learn what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ each and every day.


The Story

This 31 week sermon series takes us through the major stories of the entire Bible from Genesis through Revelation.  Some of the stories are comforting.  Others are challenging or even disturbing.  All help us learn about the people of God, our faith, and our place in God's story.



Some of the most popular sayings we think of as basic biblical beliefs aren't only not in the Bible, they actually only half true or completely run counter to what the Bible teaches.


Christmas Is Not Your Birthday

Is there more to Christmas than just giving people who have so much even more?  Is there something about the story of Christ's birth that has the power to transform, not only our holiday celebrations, but the world?


The Force is With You

In this fun sermon series, find out what we can learn about our faith from themes out of the Star Wars movies.  Even people who are Star Wars fans are sure to get something out of this sermon series.